Pictures of Lynx

Terrible pictures of a Lynx. Wish I could get better for you.

Animal: Lynx

Species: There are four species of Lynx: Bobcat, Canadian Lynx, Spanish or Iberian Lynx, and the Eurasian Lynx.

Lifespan: In the wild, a Lynx typicall lives for about 12 years. In a zoo, a lynx can live to be 21 years old.

Size & Weight: THe largest Lynx, the Siberian Lynx, gets to be up to 40 inches long and 90lbs. Most Lynx species are about 20-30 inches and 20-60lbs.

Habitat: Lynx can be found in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Soain, Canada, and North America. They prefer prairies, forests, scrub land, and tundra, depending on the species of Lynx.

Diet: Lynx eat rabbits, deer, pigs, birds, and rodents.

Family Life: Lynx are soolitary animals that only meet up to mate. Once a  male and female are done mating,t he female goes off to find a den for her litter. When the Lynx babie are about a year old they leave their mother. SOmetimes siblings will live side-by-side until they are full grown a tthe age of 2.

*Fun Facts*

  • Lynx have excellent eye sight and can spot a mouse up to 250ft away!
  • The Lynx hunts at night!