Antelope Pictures, Facts, and Information

Pictures and information about antelopes.

Animal: Antelope


Species: There are about 80 different species of Antelope. Some that you may have heard of include the Kudu, Impala, gazelle, Springbok, and the wildebeest.

Lifespan: Depending on the species, antelopes can live to be about 10-25 years old depending upon the species.

Size & Weight: The largest species of antelope, the Giant Eland, can grow to be 11 ft long, 6ft tall at the shoulders, and weigh up to 2,000 lbs. The smallest species, the Royal Antelope, grows to be about 19 inches long, a foot high at the shoulders, and about 5 lbs.

Habitat: Antelopes can be found in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The habitat of antelopes depends upon the species. They are known to live in savannas, swamps, marshes, desert, and woodlands.

Family Life: Antelopes can live in large groups of thousands, or in smaller groups that consist of 2-10 antelopes. Some species of antelope of terrietorial,w hile others are not. Within the territorial species, the males mark their territory with uring, scent glands, and feces.

Diet: Antelopes are herbivores, which means that they only eat plants. Some plants that they eat include grass, shrubs, and leaves. The specifics of what they eat depends on the species of the antelope and where they live.

*Fun Facts*

  • Some species of antelopes are good swimmers
  • Elands and Kudus can jump 6 feet high with a standing start!
  • Male impalas stick out their tongues to attract females. It's called tongue flashing, and they also do it to warn other males to stay away.