Bears, Bear Pictures, Facts, and Information

Pictures of 11 species of bear, including Black bears, Kodiak bears, Sloth bears, Pandas, and Polar bears.  I also have detailed information about each species including their habitat, lifespan, favorite foods and more!

Animal: Bear

Species: There are eight species of bear, and many subspecies. The eight species include the Andean bear, North American Black bear, Polar bear, Brown bear, Asiatic bear, Giant Panda, Sun bear, and Sloth bear.

Lifespan: The lifespan of a bear depends on the species and location of the animal. In general, animals kept in captivity live longer than wild animals. For the most part, though the exact ranges vary from species to species, bears live to be about 20-30 years old.

Size & Weight: Bear vary in size and weight depending upon which species they are. The largest species of bear is the Polar bear with an average weight of 900-1,500 pounds and are about 8-10 ft in length. The smallest bear species is the Sun bear. The SUn bear weighs about 60-110 lbs and is only about 4 ft in length.

Habitat: Bears can be found on the continents of Europe, Asia, South America, and North America and living in varying habitats. The Sun bear, for example, lives in a tropical climate, while the Polar bear lives in sub zero temperatures.

Family Life: Most bears remain fairly solitary creatures. They usually meet up for a mating season to breed. The males go off to fend for themselves while female bears take care of the cubs for about two seasons, or until they are ready to go off ont heir own.

*Fun Facts*

  • Of all bears, the best swimmer is the Polar bear.
  • Bears in southern regions hibernate, while bears in northern regions go into a winter sleep.