Binturongs, Binturong Pictures, Facts, and Information

Binturong on platform

Binturong on platform


Pictures of binturongs.

Animal: Bingturong

Species: The scientific name for the Bingturong is Arctictis Bingturong.

Lifespan: The Bingturong lives to be up to 20 years int he wild, and can live even longer in captivity!

Size & Weight: The Bingturong has a body length of 2-3ft, a tail length of 2-3ft and weights 30-60lbs.

Habitat: Bingturongs can be found int he tropical rainforests of southeast Asia.

Diet: Binfturongs eat birds eggs, small invertebrates, insects, fish, leaves and shoots.

Family Life: Bingturongs usually are solitary, but also live in small family groups of a mother and her offspring. Female bingturongs are generally 20% larger than male bingerterongs and are the dominant sex within the species. A male bingterong will sometimes stay with the female bingturong for a short while after they have mated,sometimes even long enough to see his offspring.

*Fun Facts*

  • Bingturongs have a distinct smell that smells a bit like buttered popcorn!
  • Bingturongs are one of two mammals with a prehensil tail!