Birds of Prey Pictures

Pictures of birds of prey (raptors), including eagles, falcons, hawks, Inca terns, osprey, owls, pelicans, secretary birds, and vultures.

If something is a bird of prey, it means it is a type of bird that eats other animals, whether that animal is a large rabbit or an insect. However, when scientist talk about birds of prey, they are usually narrowing down the category of birds into ones with good eyesight for finding food, strong talons for holding it, and sharp beaks for picking at the flesh. The term “birds of prey” is used here, and in ornithology, to describe the elite hunting birds. There are about 500 species that are birds of prey. Though they range greatly in size and weight, from the 1.5 ounce Elf Owl to the 30 lb Andean Condor, they share a lot of characteristics. Some of these features include:

  • Large talons and hooked beaks for cutting and tearing flesh
  • Sexual dimorphism (males and females look different)
  • A crop in their digestive system that stores food (except owls)
  • Very good vision