Pictures of Birds

The largest organized and free collection of bird photographs, with more than 350 bird species. I have pictures of eagles, flamingos, woodpeckers, robins, ducks, swans, and many, many more.

Birds belong to the class Aves that consists of about 10,000 species. Birds can be found all over the world and their size ranges from the small 2 inch long Bee Hummingbird, to 9 ft tall Ostriches. Birds make up some of the most intelligent animal species in the world, more specifically corvids and parrots, and have been known to use tools and pass down information from one generation to another. Other types of birds, such as crows, can figure out complicated puzzles and problems within a scientific environment, or on their own in the wild.

Though most birds fly, some species such as penguins, ratites, ostriches, and a few other birds cannot. Some scientists believe they lost their ability to fly because, as they evolved, their habitat was lacking predators.

Most bird species are socially monogamous. They most often keep the same mate for one breeding season, but some keep the same mate for year, and a few species mate for life. Their eggs are laid in a nest and incubated by the parents.

Birds are also known for their amazing ability to migrate. Some take a long distance annual migration, while others take more frequent, irregular trips. Birds migrate from cold climates to more temperate or warm climates where they will be able to find food and warmth.  Some characteristics of birds include:

  • Feathers
  • A beak with no teeth
  • The ability to lay hard-shelled eggs
  • A lightweight skeleton
  • Bipedal