Christmas Pictures

Hundreds of free Christmas pictures, including Christmas trees, wreathes, ornaments, stockings, snow and Winter scenery,

Christmas is a holiday that is most often celebrated on December 25th to observe the birth of Jesus Christ. The history of Jesus can be found in the new testament of the holy bible. People that believe in Jesus believe that he was sent to Earth as the son of God to die for the sins of mankind and save their souls. According to the Bible, while on Earth, he cured the sick, preached about peace and love, and performed many miracles including walking on water, giving sight to the blind, and turning water into wine.

To celebrate Christ, some Christmas traditions include putting decorated evergreen trees, known as Christmas trees, in the home, exchanging gifts, spending time with family, hanging lights, and waiting for Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas, Chris Cringle, Father Christmas) to bring presents to every child Christmas eve night. Another important aspect of the festivities is a large feast. Christmas food often consists of a large ham or turkey, and various other side dishes such as mashed potatoes, carrots, string beans in a casserole, cranberry sauce macaroni and cheese, and other traditional holiday dishes. Some season treats include eggnog, fruit cake, and pies, cookies, and cakes for desert. These traditions are not only practiced by strict followers of Jesus, but also by many non-believers who simply like to partake in the festivities.