Mediterranean Cruise

Pictures from a Mediterranean cruise.
In mid-July 2001, I took a 10-day Rome-to-Barcelona Renaissance cruise.  It was like a floating morgue.  I hadn't seen so many old people in swimsuits since the movie Cocoon.  Well, Renaissance went bankrupt shortly after the 9/11/01 attacks, so I copied their cruise brochure to this site.  Try comparing their descriptions of the daily activities to those I wrote below!


Cruises are the worst way for a photographer to travel.  You travel each night from about 5pm to 8am, so you completely miss the chance to shoot pictures at sunrise or sunset.  You generally have a fixed agenda, and there's often no room to explore on your own.  Finally, you're travelling in groups and basically visiting a series of tourist traps, so there are always people in the way.  Specifically, old people.