Cuban Amazon Pictures and Info

Cuban amazon

Cuban amazon
Pictures of cuban amazon birds.
Scientific name: Amazona leucocephala

Habitat: Cuba, Bahamas, Cayman Island

Food: Fruits, berries, seeds, nectar


The Cuban Amazon is also known as the Cuban Parrot, Rose-Throated Parrot or White-Headed Parrot. (It must get confused with all these different names!) It is a medium-sized parrot, roughly 12 inches tall when full grown. It is a mainly green bird with pink-red cheeks and throat. It has a distinctive white patch on it's forehead, It has dull blue coloring on it's stomach and blue on its wings.

Cuban Amazons can be found in dense woodlands and dry forests. They prefer to make their nests in abandoned woodpecker holes. If unable to find one, they can be forced to nest on the ground.  Flocks of these birds pair off during the March through September breeding season. Females then lay 2-4 white eggs.

Unfortunately the Cuban Parrot is listed as "Near Threatened" by Birdlife International.  This has occurred over time as the birds have lost their natural habitat due to humans and natural disasters. These birds are also captured as chicks and adults for international trading as pets. This practice is illegal.