Cuckoo Pictures, Facts, and Information

Pictures of a Cuckoos, including roadrunners, which are in the cuckoo family.

Cuckoos near passerine (land dwelling) birds that are generally medium sized and slender. Most birds in the cuckoo family live in trees, but a few species, like roadrunners, are terrestrial. They can live in tropical or temperate areas and eat fruit, insects, and other bugs and small animals. Some examples of birds in the cuckoo family include:

  • Roadrunner
  • Koels
  • Malkohas
  • Couas
  • Coucals
  • Anis

Birds in the cuckoo family are generally medium sized birds. Their size ranges from the 1.5 lb 25 inch long Channel-billed Cuckoo, to the Little Bronze cuckoo that is 6 inches long and is about half a pound.