DeBrazza's Monkeys, Debrazza's Monkey Pictures, Facts, and Information

DeBrazzas Monkey

DeBrazzas Monkey
Pictures of DeBrazza's monkeys (Old World monkey)

Animal: Debrazza's Monkey

Species: Circopithecus Neglectus

Lifespan:  Debrazza'z monkeys live to be about 22 years old.

Size & Weight: Including their tails, Debrazza's monkeys grow to be between 3 and 5 ft long and weigh about 9.5 to 18 lbs.

Habitat: Debrazza's monkeys live in the dense forests of central Africa. They are typically found in forests that are close to waterways (such as swamps and rivers), in mountain forest, and in lowland tropical forests.

Family Life: Debrazza's monkeys live in small troops that include a dominant male, one to a few females, and their offspring. Female Debrazza's often time stay with their mothers their entire life, while the males leave the troop once they have matured. Debrazza's monkeys are territorial and leave their scent around their territory by marking with their saliva.

Diet: Debrazza's monkeys eat fruit, leaves, seeds, sprouts, and insects.

*Fun Facts*

*The Debrazza's monkeys predators are Eagles, Pythons, and Leopards, however, their biggest threat to extinction is the destruction of their habitat.

*Debrazza's monkeys can store food in their cheek pouches.

*The Debrazza's tail is longer than the combined length of its head and body!