Pictures of Deer, Deer Facts

Deer pictures that I've taken at zoos around the country. Includes pictures of reindeer and antelopes.

Animal: Deer

Species: There are 45 species of deer. Included are the Padu, White-tailed, Muntjac, Tufted, Giant, and Moose.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of most deer species is 5-10 years.

Size & Weight: The largest species of deer is the Moose, which stands 5-7 ft tall and weights 800-1500 lbs. The smallest species of deer is the Pudu. The Pudu stands 13-17 inches tall and weights only 32 lbs!

Habitat: Many deer live in wooded areas, swamp lands, pine forests, and plains while others live in temperate rain forests and deserts.

Diet: Deer eat leaves, grass, shoots, berries, mushrooms, crops and various other vegetation.

Family Life: Male deer, alled bucks, are usually solitary creatures that meet up with female deer to breed. Female deer, aka does, travel with their young and sometimes other female deer and their young.

*Fun Facts*

  • When some species of deer feel scared or threateded, they raise their tails to warn others.
  • Deer have excellent senses of smell!