Dusky Titi Monkey Pictures, Facts, and Information

Dusky Titi Monkey

Dusky Titi Monkey

Monkey in tree

Monkey in tree
Pictures of Dusky Titi monkeys.

Animal: Dusky Titi monkey

Species:  Torquatus, Personatus, Moloch, Cupreus and Donacophilus

Lifespan: Dusky Titis live to be about 25 years old.

Size & Weight: The Dusky Titi is about 11-14 inches long and weighs between 1.5-3 lbs.

Habitat: Dusky Titis are scattered across South America. They will live in a multitude of different forest habitat whether it be a dry forest, a floodplain forest, or near a swamp, though they do prefer the forest be as dense as possible including thick tangles and thorny underbrush. They mostly live in the lower and middle level of trees.

Family Life: Dusky Titis mate for life and the bond between males and females are very strong. They live in pairs with their mate and their offspring. When a Dusky Titi monkey gives birth, the infant and the father have a close relationship . The father Dusky Titi carries the infant around, grooms it, and shares food with it.

Diet: Titis mostly eat fruit, some leaves, and on occasion will eat insects.