Pictures of Fish, Fish Pictures

Up-close and detailed pictures of dozens of different species of fish.

Animal: Fish

Species: Though we still don't know exactly how many fish species there are (we discover more every day!), the most frequent estimate is that there are about 20,000 species!

Lifespan: The lifespan of a fish depends on the species. Some fish, such as the masquito fish, on live a few year. Others, like carp and catfish, live 50-60 years. People claim that there was a Koi fish that lived for 220 years!

Size & Weight: The largest fish is the Whale shark. Yes, the Whale shark is a fish and it grows to be over 40 ft long adn 20 tons! That's about as long as a school bus. The smallest fish is a paedocypris, and it's only 8mm long. Thats about the size of a grain of rice!

Habitat: There are so many species of fish and they live in so many different habitats. Some live in small bodies of fresh water, others live in the depths of the ocean.

Diet: Some fish, such as the whale shark, eat plankton. Other species eat other fish!  What that eat depends ont he species.

Family Life: Some fish travel in schools, which are groups of amny many fish. Other fish are more solitary. The Angler fish, for example, has a parasitic male/female relationship. The male Angler fish never grown to be more than a few milimeters long. It latches onto the large female and eats off of her blood supply. In return he fertilizes her eggs.

*Fun Facts*

  • Flying fish can glide in the air for over 150ft!
  • Fish that swim in a school use their large numbers to ditract and evade prey!