Flower Pictures

My photos of roses, tulips, brown-eyed susans, lilies, and more.

There are over 230,000 species of flowering plants. Flowers are not only beautiful, but are incredibly important to the plants that they blossom on. Flowering plants use flowers as their reproductive parts, relying on the pollination of flowers to form and disperse seeds so that more flowering plants can grow.

Flowers are beautiful for a reason! They attract animals to them offering up sweet smells and tastes and in return get pollinated and can reproduce. Some flowers, such as the bee orchid, attract specific animals to them to ensure their pollination. Because of this, there are some flowers in the world that can only be pollinated by one species of animal.

People love to collect, harvest, and even eat flowers!  Gardeners know that some flowers are annuals and some are perennials. If you buy a flower that is an annual, it means that it will only bloom for one season, die, and never come back after winter. If you buy perennials they will die in the winter, but come back year after year.

Flowers have even taken on their own meaning. If someone gives you a bouquet of red roses it is a romantic gesture, whereas yellow roses are generally a sign of friendship and joy. In some countries, red poppies are worn to commemorate soldiers that died during war. Lilies are often used to represent resurrection, which is why they are so common during Easter or at funerals.