Sugar Glider, Sugar Glider Pictures

Flying squirrel

Flying squirrel

Flying squirrel

Flying squirrel
Flying squirrel
Pictures of Sugar Gliders, a marsupial that is often called a flying squirrel, and does resemble a squirrel.

Animal: Sugar Glider

Species: The scientific name for a Sugar Glider is Petaurus Breveceps.

Lifespan: Sugar Gliders live 5-8 years in the wild and 12-15 in captivity.

Size & Weight: Including their tails, Sugar Gliders are 11-14 inches long and weigh less than half a pound!

Habitat: Sugar Gliders are found throughout Australia (mainly eastern and northern parts), Papua New Guinea, and Tazmania. They prefer to be in open forests that allow them to glide from tree to tree.

Diet: Sugar Gliders tear into the bark of the Eucalyptus tree to eat the sweet sap inside. They also eat insects, birds eggs, small reptiles, nectar, and fruit.

Family Life: Sugar Gliders live in small groups of 5-10. The dominant male of the group is the only male that gets to mate. He goes from female to female seeing which is willing to mate with him until his advances are reciprocated. Once born, baby Sugar Gliders often hitch rides on the backs of their mothers. They usually stay with their mom for a about a year, even though, much of the time, they are already capable of caring for themselves.

*Fun Facts*

  • Sugar Gliders are able to glide over 150ft!
  • The Sugar GLider is a marsupial!