Foxes, Fox Pictures, Facts, and Information

Pictures of Red Foxes, Fennec Foxes, Gray Foxes, and Arctic foxes. Each category includes detailed information about the species.

Animal: Fox

Species: There are 21 species of fox including the Red, Fennec, Kit, Swift, Crab-eating, South American, Arctic, and Sand fox.

Lifespan: The average fox only lives to be between 2-5 years old in the wild. However, when placed in captivity, they have been known to live for 10-15 years.

Size & Weight: The largest species of fox is the Red fox. The Red fox weighs between 8-20 lbs and have a head to body length of 18-32 inches. The smallest fox is the Fennec fox, which only weighs 2-3 lbs and has the head to body length of 9-16 inches.

Habitat: The habitat of the fox depends on which species it is. A Fennec fox lives in a very hot dessert environment, while the arctic fox lives in sub zero temperatures.

Diet: Fox are Omnivores, which means that they eat meat and plants. Small Fox, like the Fennec fox are opportunistic eaters that will munch on insects, eggs, plants and reptiles. Larger fox have bigger prey, such as birds, but still eat insects, rodents, plants, and reptiles.

Family Life: The fox has a very unique family dynamic. Because they hunt and travel alone, many people considered them to be solitary creatures. However, they often mate for life and will meet up with their mate periodically to groom one another and play. Sometimes a fox outside the pair will contribute to helping the mating couples offspring. A Vixen (female fox) gives birth to her young in a den. Within a month or so the young pups have already established a pecking order and a dominant vixen is established. Once independent enough, the young foxes leave their family and go off on their own.

*Fun Facts*

  • Foxes use their tails to keep themselves warm!
  • Foxes often use badger dens as their own.