Frogs, Toads, Frog and Toad Pictures, Facts, and Information

Pictures of frogs and toads.

Animal: Frog

Species: There are over 5,000 species of frog known to man. The most commonly known species are the Red eyed tree frog, Poison dart frogs, Australian green tree frog, and many more.

Lifespan: Some species of frog only live a few years, while others live 10-20 years.

Size & Weight:  The largest species of frog is the Gliath frog. When it's legs are stretched out it can be as long as 2.5 ft! The smallest species of frog, Nyctibatrachus minimus, is merely 10 mm long!

Habitat: Some frogs live in ponds, where they lay their eggs and live out their days. Others live in tropical forests and lay their eggs in little pools of water that form at the base of some plants. The habitat of the frog depends upon which species they are.

Diet: Most frogs eat insects, worms, minnows, and small fish. Larger frogs will eat small animals liek mice.

Family Life: Most frogs are solitary and only meet up to mate. Some frogs take care of their offspring and bring them food until they havelegs, others lay their eggs and leave.

*Fun Facts*

  • Frogs are amphibians because they live on land and in water!
  • A group of frogs is called an army!