Hawks, Hawk Pictures, Facts, and Information

Detailed, beautiful pictures of four different species of hawks flying, eating, and perched on an arm.

The Harris Hawk, formerly known as the Bay Winged Hawk, is a rather tame hawk. Both the male and female Harris Hawk are dark brown in coloring with chestnut colored shoulders, thighs and underwings. The bill is yellow with a white, fading into black, crooked down tip. Feet and legs are also yellow. The tail is black and white. These hawks have an impressive 46 inch wing span and stand up to 2 feet tall.The Harris Hawk can be found in southwest portions of Texas, Mexico and has been reintroduced to southern California. These hawks hunt together in groups of 2 or 3, taking turns chasing their prey until one of them makes the final kill. They feed on small birds and rodents, ducks, herons, rabbits and reptiles.

The Harris Hawk has more than one mate at a time, but is a solidary nester.  A female will often have 2 broods of 2-4 eggs per year. The young stay in the nest for up to 50 days. 

The Red Tailed Hawk is an extremely common hawk found through out North America and Mexico.  It is the most common hawk in North America. The Red-tailed hawk has brown and black wings with white underwings. It has a white belly with dark streaks throughout. It's head is a lighter brown, streaked with white. It has a reddish tail that varies in shade. Baby Red-Tailed hawks have a dark brown tail with a black band.

The Red Tailed hawk eats a wide range of prey, from insects to small to medium rodents, small birds and bats and fish. It will eat its larger prey on the ground and perch to eat a small meal.

The Red Tailed hawk mates for life. They offer one brood of 2-3 eggs per year. Babies stay in the nests for up to 46 days.