Pictures of Insects, Insect Pictures, Facts

Hundreds of beautiful pictures of insects, including ants, moths, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, damselflies, caterpillars, ladybugs, and beetles.

There are over 1 millions species of insect in the world, and we’re still discovering about 7,000 new species each year. Insects are a class within the arthropod family. Some characterizes that classify them include:

  • A three part body
  • An exoskeleton
  • Six jointed legs
  • Two antennae
  • Compound eyes

If you ever wondered about the life cycle of an insect, just think of that of a butterfly! Most insects hatch from eggs as larvae. Once they eat a lot of food and plump up, they are considered a mature larva. The mature larva then builds a pupa (also known as a cocoon in a butterfly’s case) which they mature in and eventually grow out of once they are an adult insect.

Insects are mostly solitary, but some live in large colonies. Amongst the insects that live in colonies are ants, bees, and termites. These colonies can be fairly complex and even include a hierarchy. Bees, for example, have a queen bee that is usually the mother of almost all of the bees in her hive. Ants have a similar social structure that involves a queen ant, though some species have more than one mating female in a colony.

Other insects, though not colonial, have ways of communicating with each other for purposes of reproduction. Crickets rub their wings together to attract a mate and repel other males. Moths use pheromones to communicate with one another, while some beetles, such as fireflies, use light to attract a mate.