Kodiak Bear Pictures

Kodiak bear

Kodiak bear

Kodiak bear

Kodiak bear
Kodiak bear
Pictures of kodiak bears  Kodiaks in the wild eat mountain blueberries, washed up whale carcass, and their favorite Pacific Salmon.  They can be a wide range of different shades of brown and may grow up to a ton in weight.

Animal: Kodiak Bear

Species: The scientific species name for the Kodiak bear is Ursus Arctos Middendorffi.

Lifespan: A Kodiak bear can live to be 25-35 years old.

Size & Weight: Male Kodiak bears are generally 20-30% larger than females. The average male kodiak bear is 1,000-1200 lbs and stands 4-5ft tall.

Habitat: Kodiak bears can only be found living within a group of islands south of Alaska called the Kodiak archepilago. The climate there is subarctic and consists of heavy winds, fog, and heavy percipitation.

Diet: Kodiak bears prefer to eat salmon. When the salmon aren't in season they feed on plants, beries, seaweed, and some invertrbrates.

Family Life: Kodiak bears are solitary animals. The only times they are found together is when a mother has cubs, during mating season, and sometimes if their food source is condensed in one area.

*Fun Facts*

  • Male Kodiaks are called "boars" and females are called "sows"
  • Kodiak bears have excellent senses of smell!