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Colorful lobster

Colorful lobster

Colorful lobster
Pictures of lobsters.

Animal: Lobster

Species: There are many species of lobster. The most popular are the American and European lobster. There are other varieties of tropical lobster that are clawless.

Lifespan: Lobsters, if not caught to eat, can live to be over 50 years old. The oldest lobster ever caught was thought to be 100 years old!

Size & Weight: The largest lobster ever caught was about 44 lbs and 2-3 ft long. Typically, lobsters are 9-20 inches long.

Habitat: Lobsters can be found in oceans all over the world, as well as in fresh water and brackish water (slightly salty water). They dwell on the ocean botton where they hide in the seaweed and rocky bottomed places.

Diet: Though lobsters will eat algae and other lobsters, they mostly eat fish and molusks.

Family Life: Though lobsters are solitary creatures, they have a complex mating ritual. When ready to mate, a female find the den of the largest lobster and fans her scent into his den to get his attention. Once she goes in the den the male waits until she molts her shell, he then carefully fertilizes her. She stays in his den for about a week until her shell is hard again and then they go their seperate ways. A female lobster carries her eggs under her belly for up to a year before letting the larvea go.

*Fun Facts*

  • Lobsters use phermones to mate!
  • Lobsters become more fertile and stronger as they age!