Pictures of Owls, Owl Facts

Original and free pictures of 12 different species of owl, including snowy owls, barn owls, screech owls, and horned owls.

Most owls are most active at night (hence the term, 'night owl'). In total darkness they are able to find dinner, using its hearing rather than its sight. It gets its name as it commonly hangs out in barns and other similar places during the day. It also is often found in dense trees. Barn owls are said to mate for life. They make their nests in these same spots and have between 2-12 white eggs 1-3 times per year. Baby barn owls stay in the nest for up to 2 months. Can you imagine if there were 12 eggs and all of them hatched? How crowded would that nest be for 2 months! Farmers actually like having these owls around as they feed on rodents including shrews and mice, which can be pesky around the barn.