Penguins, Penguin Pictures

Pictures of and information about many different species of penguins, the flightless water bird that looks like it's wearing a tuxedo.

Animal: Penguin

Species: There are 17 different species of penguin including the Adelie, African, Chinstrap, Emperor, King, and Royal penguin.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of a penguin is 15-20 years.

Size & Weight: The largest species of penguin is the Emperor penguin. Emperor penguins can weigh between 66-88 lbs and are about 4ft tall. The smallest species of penguin is the Little/Blue penguin, which is only 16 inches tall and weighs about 2 lbs!

Habitat: Though all species of penguin naturally reside in the southern hemisphere of the world, not all of them live in cold climates. Penguins can be found in warm climates on the coasts of South America, Africa, the Galapagos islands and New Zealand. Emperor penguins are the only species that endure the freezing cold of Antartica through the winter.

Diet: The penguins diet primarily consists of fish, krill, squid, and crustaceans.

Family Life: Most species of penguins live and breed in large colonies from 100 to thousands of pairs of penguins. Penguins form monogamous pairs for a mating season. Once the egg is laid, most species take turn incubating the egg. On member of the pair will sit on the egg for days or even a week while the other mate hunts for food.The Emperor penguins, however, leave incubation to the male penguin.

*Fun Facts*

  • When a mother loses a chick, she often will try to steal another mother's chick!
  • Chinstrap penguins are the most abundant species!