Pictures of Rodents, Rodent Facts

Pictures of rodents, including chipmunks, squirrels, flying squirrels, rats, prairie dogs, porcupines, muskrats, capybaras, cavies, woodchucks/groundhogs, and beavers. I have detailed information about each species.

Animal: Rodent

Species: There are about 1,500 rodent species! Some examples of the rodent species include the Beaver, Cane mice, Capybara, Grey squirrel. and many more.

Lifespan: The lifespan of a rodent varies vastly depending on the species. A common mouse, for example, only lives about a year, whereas a Naked Mole-Rat can live 10-30 years!

Size & Weight: The largest species of rodent is the Capybara. A large Capybara is about 4ft long and 130lbs! The smallest species of rodent is the Pygmy Jerboa, weighing only half an ounce and measuring 2 inches long.

Habitat: Rodents have wiely varying habitats, from arid desert conditions to the sub zero tempteratures of the arctic tundra.

Diet: Many species of rodent eat plants, stems, roots, leaves, seeds, and flowers. However, some species are carnivorous and eat fish, insects, and other small prey.

Family Life: Many species of rodents are social animals and live in large groups. The prairie Dog, for example, lives in a large interactive group. A group of Beavers consists of a male, female, and their offspring. Other rodents, such as the Porcupine and many desert species of rodent, are solitary creatures that only meet up to mate or raise their young.

*Fun Facts*

  • Mice can swim and hold their breath!
  • The Capybara can hide from it's predators underwater for up to 5 minutes!