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Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher
Pictures of Brown Thrashers.
The Brown Thrasher is part of the Mimidae family of birds. This family includes Mockingbirds, thrashers and catbirds. This family of birds all have slim bodies and long tails and build well-hidden, cup-shaped nests.

The female and male Brown Thrasher are similar in look. These birds are about 11.5 inches in length. They have red-brown back and wings with 2 white wing bars. Their tummies are white covered heavily in dark streaks. They have a long brown/black beak that curves downward. And of course, in style with their family, a long red-brown tail.

Brown Thrashers are mostly found in the eastern half of the United States. Sometimes they can be found over the border into Canada. They do migrate south in the winter and they can also be found year round in the southeastern United States and parts of Texas.

Brown Thrashers can be shy birds, but defend their nests fiercely. They prefer dense brush and forest edges. They can be seen running on the ground and forage for food on the ground and in shrubs. They mainly survive on insect. They are also known to eat fruit and grain.

Brown Thrashers are solidary nesters offering 2-3 broods of 2-6 eggs per year. Both the male and the female take part in nest building. This cup shaped nest can be found in bushes, low in a tree or even sometimes on the ground.

The Brown Thrasher is quite chatty. It's able to imitate the songs of other birds, just like a Mockingbird.